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In the Sahatciu family, men pass on the same professions from generation to generation - watchmaking.
Several generations of the family are behind the beginnings of the success of the Art de Suisse watch company, but above all Mehmet Kazazi, who in 1865 adopted a new surname - Sahatciu, which means "Watchmaker". From then on, Mehmet Sahatciu worked tirelessly to create a brand that would carry its values ​​for the next generation. His life's work was not only precisely made quality watches, but also much more - it was a dynasty of skilled craftsmen from all over Kosovo.
Our father Bayram Sahatciu became an active member of the family business in 1951, when he was only 8 years old, he learned watchmaking by observing his father, who gave his son the same knowledge he had learned from his father almost a hundred years ago. At the age of 16, Bayram Sahatciu was the first in the family to receive a degree in watchmaking. To this day, he is one of the most respected and best watchmakers in the Southeast.
In the late 1970s, as a result of the war in the Balkans, the Sahatciu family had to move away from the watch industry and move to the production of luxury jewelry. However, part of the family continued to deal exclusively with watches.
Our long journey in the world of watchmaking has been accompanied by ups and downs, but we have always been true to our roots and traditions. The passion for this art and the determination to become the best in the chosen field have largely become our driving force and brought us to the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, where our boutiques are now located, we have the opportunity to continue to pass on the family profession to the young generation - to our children.

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