3 května, 2024
1 minuta čtení

Wonderfully unconventional, Vhernier has refused to adhere to the traditional codes of jewelry design ever since its founding in 1984. Instead, it has chosen to create its own set of craftsmanship rules. Characterized by essential shapes, soft curves, bold dimensions, and ergonomic construction, Vhernier’s style is instantly recognizable and mirrors its love for sculpture, architecture, and contemporary art. These powerful sources of inspiration are all filtered through the rigorous yet understated spirit of Milan, the brand’s home city. Rose gold with a polished finish or natural white gold. Gemstones in delightfully nuanced colours and stunning diamonds. These are just some of the materials that Vhernier uses alongside less traditional ones such as ebony, kogolong and titanium, to create innovative jewellery that stands apart from trends. With its pieces entirely conceived, designed and handcrafted in Italy, Vhernier interprets contemporary jewelry like no other.


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